An Unexpected Guest for the Week

My cousin dropped by for a visit this morning and announced that she would like to stay over for the week. While I was very happy that she came by to visit but I was also a little upset that she did not let me know beforehand that she would be staying over. I was not prepared at all. 

In fact, I am reading some best portable air conditional reviews now so that I can get one unit for her as the weather was getting pretty hot these days. She assured me that she was alright with just the fan since she was a little embarrassed about the unannounced stay. Turned out she had a huge fight with her boyfriend and she wanted to get away for a week to think things through. 

They had been dating for the past 5 years and they seemed to argue every other week. I guess she had enough of all these arguments and was trying to think whether she was going to give up on the relationship or try to find a way to save it. Given the circumstances, I forgive her intrusion and told her that she could stay for as long as she needs to make a decision.

Control the Heat with Affordable Cooling Units

When the weather gets too warm for your liking you would probably want to invest in an air conditioner. Some of us may not be fond of the idea of getting something permanent for our homes, and that is why it would be a better option to get a portable air conditioner. These units are affordable and you can check out the portable air conditioner reviews online to get a better idea of what's in the market. 

This machine is probably the most reasonable priced and effective cooling units around. The best part is that you don't need to pay extra charges for installation and it's easy to operate. You may find these portable units to be convenient also when you need to transfer the cooling unit from one room to another. 

The features may differ from one unit to another and some of us enjoy certain extra functions such as the remote control and programmable timers. So, if you are planning to get one, make sure to check the features.