Humidifiers are too big sometimes and it's hard to carry one around. That is why I choose Air O Swiss humidifier because they have humidifier at all types of sizes. My personal favourite that I have been using for many years is the Ultrasonic 7133. This humidifier is quite old but it is affordable and it is still great compared to the newer ones. 

One thing that I like about this the Ultrasonic 7133 is that it runs quietly and I can relax and maybe read a few books when this thing is switched on. It also is lets out mist and humidifies the room effectively. For a small thing, it really works hard. The Ultrasonic 7133 is anti-bacteria and it has and it is built with an anti-bacterial technology which kills the bacteria's that is in your house. 

For one, I like this humidifier because it is very east to clean and maintain. I have been using it for two years now and it still works like I just bought it yesterday. Simply amazing I must say! For further information, visit this website